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Welcome to the Entrepreneurs in Action

 Investment Management Mentoring Summer Programme

sponsored by Morgan Stanley

We have partnered with Morgan Stanley to develop an online mentoring programme for undergraduate and postgraduate black students to support them in achieving their career goals within the investment management industry.


About the programme:

The Entrepreneurs in Action Investment Management Mentoring Programme – sponsored by Morgan Stanley - is an opportunity for black students interested in a career in investment management.

This online programme provides participants  with an insight into what it is really like to work for a global financial services firm and the opportunity to develop skills which are not taught in the classroom or lecture theatre. 

Candidates will participate in an immersive Classroom to Boardroom programme which will help them build a network with like-minded fellow students from different universities.

The programme will take place online using Zoom over five days from 11th - 15th July. If you are working or on holiday during this time please email
We are looking for motivated students in their penultimate or final year of university, as well as recent graduates who are interested in learning more about a career in investment management.

The programme also provides an opportunity for candidates to engage with a Morgan Stanley mentor from the investment management division for six to twelve months following the initial training. Mentors can support participants with further professional development and applications they may wish to make to Morgan Stanley programmes.

Please note, this programme is only available to students who have the right to work in the UK.

There are three opportunities in the Investment Management Mentoring programme.

Summer analyst :

Ten weeks June-August 2023 open to those graduating in 2024.

 Off-cycle internship: 

Multiple start dates from summer 2022.

Recruitment takes place throughout the year

Minimum six months paid placements - open to 2022 and 2023 graduates.

Full-time analyst:

Full-time employment opportunities in July 2023 - open to 2022* and 2023 graduates.

*graduated by July 2022.

Please note that by applying to the Entrepreneurs in Action Mentoring Programme you are not applying directly to Morgan Stanley.

Please visit to view all opportunities available at Morgan Stanley.


What is the application process? 

You will be required to take an online assessment set by Morgan Stanley.

The deadline to complete the test is 3rd July at 11.59 GMT.

Applicants will be notified of whether they have passed the test or not by email.

We will notify all applicants whether they have been invited to attend the programme by 6th July.

The programme has two phases:

Phase one) 11th July: one day confidence-based assessment which will take place online. The morning session will focus on personal development, followed by your assessment in the afternoon.

Phase two) 12th - 15th July: four day online Classroom to Boardroom programme at the end of which you will get the opportunity to showcase your talents to Morgan Stanley executives. 

Before you apply please be sure you are able to commit to working from 9am - 5pm on the above dates.


What does the programme offer?

Applicants will be supported throughout the process. The Entrepreneurs in Action coaching team will be on hand during phases one and two, while Morgan Stanley staff will support the assessment and application process.

The support you receive is focused on improving your knowledge of Morgan Stanley and the investment management industry, as well as building your confidence, to assist you in making the best possible application.

All phase one applicants who do not go forward to phase two will be provided with follow-up opportunities to learn more about the investment management division should they wish to apply for any other Morgan Stanley programmes in future.

Successful applicants from phase two will be matched with a mentor from Morgan Stanley who will provide one-to-one support with applications for opportunities with Morgan Stanley's Investment Management Division.

Phase two participants will continue to receive support from their Morgan Stanley mentor for a period of six to twelve months whether or not they are offered an internship or a permanent role. This support will help you prepare for a role in the investment management or the financial services industry.

If you have any questions regarding your registration or are unable to attend the assessment period due to exams, please contact .


Programme background - Why apply?

"I am very excited that Morgan Stanley has chosen to offer and support this exciting opportunity for black students to participate in a programme which may lead to employment in the investment management industry with a world leading investment bank. Whether or not you are offered a role with Morgan Stanley, participating in the programme will give you invaluable insight into the investment management industry and I guarantee you will develop skills which will assist you in  achieving your early career goals.  I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to begin your career with one of the biggest and most respected names in the investment management industry." 

Derek Browne CEO Entrepreneurs in Action.

See what graduates are saying about our previous diversity programmes.

"The advice, encouragement, and lessons that I was able to receive were invaluable. I definitely learnt things that I will carry for the rest of my life."

"I really valued being able to engage with so many intelligent and ambitious people that look like me. I have never been able to work with so many black, smart individuals in my life."

"The best part of this programme firstly is the fact that it exists in the first place. I have never been part of anything like this tailored for black talented individuals."

"I think the best part has to be the jubilation after the presentation on Friday. To hear the high praise from senior people in the industry gave me a real sense of achievement."   

"I think the best part has to be the jubilation after the presentation on Friday. To hear the high praise from senior people in the industry gave me a real sense of achievement."   

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